Aluminum bar industry

1. General introduction of aluminum bar shaped industry:
– Application: Industrial applications are mainly used for conveyor belts, conveyor belts, assembly production line frames, work table frames, assembly of workers, cleanroom frames, chassis, shelf machine Shelves, carts
– Mark of aluminum: 6063T5
– Export porcelain: Produced by modern technological lines of Hyundai factory – Hyundai Aluminum Vina Group.
– Product Surface: Anodized silver white
– Specification: depending on the type of aluminum with different shapes, thicknesses, various sizes such as 20×20, 30×30, 40×40 … 90×90 …, aluminum shaped V such as V20x20, V30x30, V40x40 … and many other profiles.

2. Some typical aluminum bars:

a. Aluminum bar size 80×40


b. Aluminum bar size 30×30


c. Aluminum bar size 60×30


d. Aluminum bar size 40×40


e. Aluminum bar size 40×20






f. Aluminum bar size 60×60