Aluminum plate

Aluminum sheets or aluminum alloys are now widely used in industries as well as construction, especially in the manufacturing and precision engineering industries.
Some typical aluminum sheet products:
1. Aluminum plate 6063
Good compression, anti-corrosion, can create products with diverse shapes, complex is the typical product used to extrude.

2. Aluminum plate 5052
Very good mold-making, anti-wear, welding, medium strength, rim, etc.

3. Aluminum plate 6061
The 6061 is the most commonly used, most widely used, high strength, corrosion resistant and good solder alloy. Used for all structural applications such as aviation, semiconductor, fixture and fixture …

4. Aluminum plate A7075
Aluminum plate A7075 aluminum alloy is the most durable, wear-resistant and heat-resistant very well. Used mainly in the aerospace industry, blowing – casting, precision engineering …

5. Aluminum plate A3003
Aluminum sheet A7075 is extremely good formatting, welded and anti-corrosive. Applications for containers, architectural materials, ships, air conditioning radiator …