The solar panel system solution is not completely new to architectural professionals, and has been designed for consumers, the presence of sun protection solutions is not yet widely used.

It is said that sunblinds only bring aesthetic aesthetics to the construction, even if considering the elements of the street side or the garden, sun protection also brings the space limitations. However, if consulted about the overall solution of a reasonable space, sun protection will bring about the architectural revolution for the construction.

With the main structure is aluminum alloy powder coated with electrostatic paint, the solution of sunlight has the advantage of hard, light, aluminum bars are fixed to the standard distance equally to create a clean lines. Therefore, not only does the building cooling application with sunblind function help deflect direct sunlight into the window. Sunshade has many other benefits for the project, such as:

  • Ensure that enough light is absorbed without being overheated and damaged by the ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
  • Keep cool inside during summer, warm in winter
  • Long-term use is still durable, beautiful
  • Limit the amount of dust entering your home.
  • Protection of glass and other property in case of damage or nature.


Not only that, the sunscreen system brings many economic benefits, because:

– Low cost

– Not often warranted, maintained or replaced as other sun protection solutions

– Save the cost of installing blinds for each door

– Limit the use of air conditioners, thus saving on electricity costs, cooling costs

– Improved work productivity due to the work environment and the comfortable atmosphere that the sunblock brings, resulting in high work efficiency.

– Compact design, luxurious design, adding value to the building.

The use of sunblinds reduces costs while ensuring high efficiency. In addition to its sleek and modern design, sun protection also contributes greatly to the aesthetics and style of the building.