Introduction of aluminum formwork

Formwork is a very necessary and important construction tool for concrete casting in the construction site as well as in the factory. The choice of using formwork is an important factor that determines the quality of concrete, as well as affect the productivity and efficiency of construction at the site.

Currently, the market is using four types of formwork: formwork formwork, aluminum formwork, formwork formwork, formwork formwork. In particular, with its prominent advantages, aluminum formwork has been preferred to use the most.

Advantages of aluminum formwork:

  • Lightweight : aluminum formwork is lighter than conventional formworks (about +/- 20kg / 1m2); The weight is very important because it is lightweight, it will fit quickly, the porter is also easy, the material rotation is also fast, just use the bridge and drag straight up for the floor, very convenient.
    Fast, dedicated construction progression: aluminum formwork easy to remove. The beam system is lifted with cylindrical, super lightweight and easy to lift the effective floor. Shorten construction time, speed up the completion of projects, improve financial efficiency.
  • For the quality of concrete surface: If the ceiling is not painted, spraying non-stick coating, aluminum is less sticky concrete than steel and wood and cleaning is also easy.
  • Site safety and sanitation: aluminum formwork is not corroded, it is easy to handle in industrial cleaning process with closed process, contributing to good product preservation and environmental sanitation.
  • Reuse, recycle efficiency: After pouring concrete can be dismantled within 48-72h, can be reused more than 100 times, the recycling capacity of the aluminum formwork estimated to recover at least 20 % value.
    One of the major disadvantages of aluminum formwork is the high cost. Cause can be said is that most of the aluminum formwork is imported from abroad. To solve this situation, Hyundai Aluminum Korea Group has launched the product range of aluminum formwork, to meet the needs of customers.

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