Durable, high aesthetics, diverse in quality and design at moderate cost, are the reasons that consumers and experts prefer to choose quality glass aluminum doors.

1. Good pressure
Designed with high-grade aluminum alloy profile, it has good bearing capacity. As a result, quality aluminum glass doors are preferred in large-scale projects. High-rise buildings require rigorous demands on strength and safety. At the same time, it is able to withstand the various twisting forces without breaking the inherent internal structure.


2. High durability
Aluminum bars provide solidity for quality glass aluminum doors, which can withstand the impact of natural forces such as wind and thunderstorms without distortion. Therefore, aluminum glass doors can be used anywhere, including high-rise rooms, in buildings.
Quality aluminum doors also have the ability to withstand heat and fire well, with temperatures above 1000oC without the phenomenon of deformation.

3. Good sound insulation
The bars of the door are designed flat, matched when closed so the glass doors are very good soundproof glass. Combined with modern double gasket imported to help the air in the room is always quiet. With offices, offices, glass doors, aluminum can promote this function so you can concentrate on work or sleep in the bedroom without being affected. By the external environment.
In addition, quality aluminum glass doors are durable over time, including under the influence of weather or sunshine thanks to the powder coating.
Aluminum glass doors of various quality with different colors, giving consumers more choices. It is designed to be clean, easy to clean and clean, so the cost of repair and maintenance is very low, cost savings, glass doors and windows increasingly expand their level of market dominance.