Sliding two-leaf door Xingfa 95

Sliding two-leaf door Xingfa 95


– Profile: Aluminum bar shaped 95 system

– Aluminum thickness: 1.8 – 2mm (+-5%)

– Color: White porcelain, Coffee, gray

– Size: choose

– Glass: Have thickness 5mm to 21mm

– Accessories: Use the Synchronic Kinlong app


Soundproof, insulation

  • The doors and walls are made of aluminum alloy, Xingfa aluminum structure has a box structure divided into a lot of drum compartment combined with gaskets and metal hardware assembly has created products with good sound insulation high.
  • Leading edge technology is the most advanced today to ensure sturdy, soundproof, heatproof door with tightness, high fit.

Watertight & Breathable

  • Outward water pipes designed on the door frame prevent water from flowing inwards in the maximum way.
  • The absolute tightness hinders the circulation of cold air inside and outside heat, thus contributing to the saving of electricity costs for air conditioning.

Bearing the wind pressure

  • Sliding doors with high safety, avoiding the risk of wind stamping.
  • The product can withstand wind pressure of up to 1600 pascal, which is qualified to ensure the safety of buildings in windy areas.

Economic efficiency

  • The use of alloy doors, aluminum walls and glass boxes is the best solution in saving energy for high rise buildings with direct contact with the sunlight.
  • Aluminum bars are surface treatment and electrostatic paint with advanced technology will have high durability, always keep the color and texture of the door even in severe weather conditions in Vietnam.

Safe and convenient

  • High hardness improves the bearing capacity, ensuring the safety of the house.
  • Help expand the space and create a comprehensive view of the building.
  • Lightweight material contributes to reducing the workload of the building.
  • Easy opening and closing, ensuring maximum use area for the room.
  • Diverse size, style, suitable for many types of architecture.
  • Enables the door to be large.
  • Suitable for use the door of Vietnam

Installation and Maintenance

  • Convenient construction and installation work is sure to bring a finished product both in terms of design and durability..
  • The product is easy to clean, easy to maintain and always keeps the perfect original beauty.

Professional service

  • Xingfa aluminum brand of Xingfa Aluminum Door Co., Ltd. represents the quality, accuracy and we are careful to detail. Advanced production standards from European countries are strictly enforced to ensure the professionalism of Xingfa aluminum doors throughout the system from production, distribution and installation.
  • Your needs can be met easily and quickly through a team of professional staff, highly qualified, skilled workers.

Durability over time

  • Aluminum alloy applied second (behind steel) in production and application. Applied in aerospace and aerospace technology.
  • Xingfa aluminum doors use high quality aluminum alloy profiles from the world famous profile suppliers such as Xingfa, Dong Anh, Huyndai together with famous metal accessories suppliers such as Roto, Hafele, Kinlong. With timeless durability.

Genuine accessories

  • Xingfa aluminum door of Xingfa Aluminum Door Co., Ltd uses high quality stainless steel accessories, anti-corrosion, anti-rust to help the door firmly.
  • Metal accessories are diverse designs and designs for guests to choose.